One-Click-Installer for Chinook and Diablo

Install Now

Click the arrow when browsing this page on your internet tablet to automatically install the latest version. This will also install the required dependencies.

Direct Downloads (for OS 2006, OS 2007, OS 2008)

MediaBox depends on mediabox-compat-plugin and mediabox-compat-theme. These two packages must be installed first, when installing manually.

Further requirements are python2.5-runtime and mplayer.

Required Downloads


Optional Downloads

Internet Radio Plugin - internet radio and SHOUTcast directory
FM Radio Plugin for Nokia N800 - listen to FM radio on the N800
YouTube Plugin - browse and watch YouTube videos with MediaBox
DarkBox Theme - a dark theme to match your expensive HiFi-equipment

Development Tools

MediaBox Extension Builder - 0.1

Run the Extension Builder inside your Scratchbox maemo-SDK environment to build installer-ready packages for your MediaBox themes and plugins.

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